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Large volume

Large volume

Series sizes over 25 m2

Flexible supplier network

If you need to produce 25 m2 or more, then we are up in what the Danish scale calls a large order. It is not necessarily so on a Chinese scale. Our responsibility is to match your order with the supplier, so it gets maximum attention and we are responsible for both the technical and the commercial dialogue.

Quality guarantee

In a global world of electronics, responsibility and accountability makes a difference, and with our qualified supplier network we can guarantee both recognised materials and uniform quality. In the unlikely event that there should be something wrong with your order, Multiprint takes responsibility for PCB’s, components and labour.

High consistency of supply

As a customer of Multiprint you can get a 98% consistency of supply. This is only possible because we exclusively work with serious quality manufacturers who we have known for many years. Let us get you off to a good start and across the finish line. Use Multiprint and get the value of solid experience and a good network.

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The industry’s most qualified network ensures that we can always deliver high quality and on time.
Multiprint is your flexible supplier of PCB’s and membrane switches.

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Get the value of
solid experience
and a good network

Let's get off to a good start and across the finish line
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