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Complex products with a simple process

Danchell develops complex EMS services
– we make the process simple with fast, stable and accurate delivery

Complex electronics – quality and accuracy in everything

For many years Multiprint has supplied PCB’s to Danish Danchell, who is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of electronic products to the pharmaceutical industry and wind turbine control. Their advanced EMS services are composed of complex electronics that require a high degree of quality and accuracy in all elements.

Danchell’s quality production takes place in Denmark and Multiprint is responsible for the delivery of PCB’s from China. In this collaboration, it is essential for Danchell that the PCB’s are delivered quickly, on time and exactly as specified in the documentation. Whether it’s a large or small series.

The solution is a flexible and stable partner

Production and collaboration requires stable supplies, fast response times and high responsiveness. The solution is a cost efficient logistics set-up, where it only takes a few hours from Multiprint receiving documentation until Danchell’s technical manager has a panel drawing for approval.

“– Multiprint’s logistical set-up just works. I never have to chase anything and I’ve never made use of their guarantee,” says Christa Larsen, a buyer at Danchell.

This simple and flexible process relies on Multiprint’s long experience with Chinese suppliers, and when there is a variation between the prototype and a large or small series, Multiprint can put their Chinese network into play in order to adjust the set-up and thereby tailor the supplier with attractive prices. It is a flexible solution and a stable partner.

“– It’s not a supplier that I use energy on, because everything is interconnected,” concludes Christa Larsen.


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