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This is how we guarantee high and uniform quality

Qualified suppliers

There are several thousand manufacturers in China. Our experience shows that some of them are really good, but also that you have to visit the factories in order to find the good ones. For 25 years we have built up relationships with manufacturers that use the right materials, deliver high quality on time, and where there is a handle on both the environment and CSR.

Quality pays off

Our recommendation is that total costs will always be assessed when you buy PCB’s and as a proactive partner, we are responsible for both the technical and commercial consultancy and dialogue. The price of a cheap PCB can be very high, if the quality is not in order. Regardless of the size of your order, you will receive our quality guarantee.

Quality guarantee

In a global world of electronics, responsibility and accountability makes a difference, and with our qualified supplier network we can guarantee both recognised materials and uniform quality. In the unlikely event that there should be something wrong with your order, Multiprint takes responsibility for PCB’s, components and labour.


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