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Our team

Intelligent connections
– there is value in a good network

A proactive partner

At Multiprint you will get more than just a middleman who passes your orders on. You get a proactive partner and we always start by reviewing your production basis. We check that the laminate is correct, that the solder mask holds and the TG values are in order. Our aim is that the quality must be in order from start to finish.

We understand the Chinese

There are major cultural differences between China and Denmark. After many years in the industry we are well aware of this. That is why we also make sure to reply to the Chinese manufacturer’s questions, and there can be many. We are proactive in the dialogue and thereby avoid unnecessary errors. Together with our quality guarantee you get the necessary peace of mind.

Solid experience and a strong network

Multiprint is an efficient company, where all the staff have solid experience in the electronics industry – an industry in constant technological development. Our focus has always been on having the best qualified supplier network, so we can act as a proactive partner. We understand electronics AND we understand people – especially those in China.


Get the value of
solid experience
and a good network

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