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About Multiprint


Company history

Intelligent connections since 1991

Founded in 1991

Multiprint was founded in 1991 by Finn Elmquist and Jan Kronholm Thomsen, and Multiprint has always been a 100% privately owned company. Since 1991, technological development has been the constant and all staff at Multiprint have extensive knowledge of PCB and production technology.

Intelligent connections

Over the years, Multiprint has had a clear goal to supply PCB’s and membrane switch keyboards at competitive prices to the electronics industry, which is achieved with a good network of qualified Chinese suppliers. This is what we call intelligent connections.

Flexibility, quality and the environment

By sourcing PCB’s boards and membrane switches through Multiprint you will get access to a complete product range, delivered in a high and consistent quality, where everything is under control. Multiprint is a proactive partner who is responsible for both the technical and the commercial communication.


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